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Micoteca da Universidade do Minho (MUM) is a filamentous fungal culture collection hosted at Centro de Engenharia Biológica of Universidade do Minho since 1996. Since 2011 is certified under the ISO standard 9001 for deposit, preservation and supply of filamentous fungi.

International Standing

MUM is a member of the European Culture Collections Organization (ECCO) and the World Federation for Culture Collections (WFCC) and is also registered in WDCM  (World Data Centre of Microorganisms) with number 816. BioCase  (The Biological Collection Access Service for Europe) and StrainInfo.Net. Currently, MUM hosts the ECCO Presidence. MUM was partner of EU project European Microbial Resources Centres  (EMbaRC) and currently is involved as partner in the EU project Microbial Resource Research Infrastructure (MIRRI) and the H2020 project Research Infrastructure Training Programme (Ritrain). 


Vision of MUM


A world in which fungal diversity is preserved and available for all.




To be a resource centre for fungal biodiversity preservation and information, and create solutions for sustainable development and human well-being.

Quality Policy

The quality policy emerges from the defined Vision for the organization. It is based on encouraging the motivation and involvement of all stakeholders in quality processes with a view to internalising a culture of excellence and applied to all products and services. In this process, ongoing evaluation is seen as an element of continuous improvement that enhances the achievement of the MUM Mission.

The quality policy is implemented through the MUM Quality Management System, taking into account: 

  1. Assurance full and transparent respect to the defined Vision, Mission, Principles and Legal Framework;
  2. Value what our clients value in order to meet, or exceed, their expectations;
  3. Strive for zero defects and no waste by a constantly seeking of continuous improvement and competitive advantage;
  4. Motivate the commitment of everyone in the value chain and at all levels of the organisation.


MUM Policy for Supplier Evaluation

MUM makes the Suppliers Evaluation take in to account 4 criteria with the following (weights): “Execution Qualification” (10), “Collaborator Qualification” (8), “Price” (10) and “Response Capacity” (10).

Each Supplier is evaluated according the follow Supplier Qualification Index (SQI): >80 A Level ≤100; >60 B Level ≤80; >40 C Level ≤60; and, 0> D Level ≤40. Yearly, MUM informs each Suppliers about its SQI. D Level means that MUM has the right to remove this SUPPLIER from its Supplier List. 

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