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Workshops and advanced courses

Individual training programmes to fulfill specialised or confidential needs

Post-graduation (MsC, PhD) in mycology related areas

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 29 July 2008 )
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M.U.M. provides a consultancy service in the following major areas:

Fungal contamination of industrial environments

Food mycology and mycotoxins

Indoor air quality

Preservation and management of microbiological resources

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M.U.M. offers a freeze-drying service for strains falling within the criteria established for the deposit of strains. For further information about this service and prices please contact the curator.

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M.U.M. supplies strains to the scientific community, industry and services. To obtain strains from M.U.M. please send us a written request in official business paper with legal binding signature, stating the purpose for which the strains are required and the laboratory where the work will take place. Please provide the following elements:destination institution address, contact person, telefone and fax.


The clients are responsible for the correct maintenance, handling and use of strains aquired from Micoteca da Universidade do Minho. We do not accept the responsibility for damage or loss resulting from incorrect use or storage of strains. The identity of the strains is always checked according to internal procedures. M.U.M. is not liable for damage resultung from an incorrect identification. 

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 29 July 2008 )
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M.U.M. accepts the deposit of strains by a third party provided the biological material can be preserved by the techniques in use in the collection. Class 3 organisms are not accepted.

Public deposit

The microbial strains deposited will be part of the open collection. To deposit strains in this manner please send us the filled in accessions form, together with two cultures of the organism. This type of deposit is free of charge for the depositor.

Last Updated ( Monday, 16 March 2009 )
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