Advanced Course: Laboratory Diagnostics in Medical Mycology  Braga (Portugal), 14 -17 January 2013
Current identification methods for the fungi are often based on morphological characters which can give unreliable identifications. The development of PCR and mass spectrometric and FTIR techniques, may contributed to improved diagnoses for clinical strains.
Clinical laboratory staff, health professionals, graduates with training in health sciences, pharmaceutical sciences or biological sciences who wish to acquire/ update scientific knowledge in medical mycology should attend this advanced course. The course will be delivered over 4 consecutive days with the first half day consisting of a symposium given by experts in Medical Mycology. Participants will be provided with an introduction to and critical assessment of, laboratory diagnosis using morphology, PCR and spectrometric methods. Lectures, demonstration sessions and workshops in the laboratory are specifically designed to enhance the knowledge, skills and experience of those working in the mycological health environment.



Advanced Courses and Workshops

  • 1st Advanced course - Fungos Contaminantes na Indústria Alimentar - 15-19 December 1997

  • 2nd Advanced course - Fungos Contaminantes na Indústria Alimentar - 14-18 December 1998

  • 3rd Advanced course - Fungos Contaminantes na Indústria Alimentar - 13-17 December 1999

  • 4th Advanced course - Fungos Contaminantes na Indústria Alimentar - 15-19 January 2001

  • Pan-European Workshop - How to Study and Control Fungal Contamination in Bottled Water - 13-15 September 2004

  • GBIF Workshop - Digitalização de Colecções Biológicas - 5-7 July 2006


  • One day meeting - Ecologia dos Fungos - 13 December 2002

  • Annual meeting of the European Culture Collections Organization: ECCO XXII - Biological Resource Centres and the Use of Microbes - 17-19 September 2003

  • One day meeting - Trends in Mycology - 23 September 2005

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